Green Waste Recycling

Much of the biodegradable waste in the UK is disposed of in landfill sites, instead of through Green Waste Recycling and composting. Land filled green waste cannot decompose naturally. It therefore fills up valuable ground space and releases toxic gases such as methane.

The UK could run out of landfill space in under 9 years (Local Government Association figures, November 2007) - the UK has been dubbed the "landfill dustbin of Europe"

Our Green Waste Recycling process results in nutrient rich compost that can be spread back on the land as feed for the soil, recycling the nutrients, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Green Waste Solution - no more land filling garden waste...

Garden waste is biodegradable, WHEN PROPERLY MANAGED and ideal for composting.

We avoid the use of landfill sites for compostable garden waste, instead sending the nutrients back to Earth through recycling. Below is a simplified description of our composting process:

The grasses, branches, bushes and weeds are brought to our Orsett recycling centre from collection sites around Essex, Kent and East London. Here it is placed in our pre-composting area where it is sorted and graded by size and type to ensure even biodegradation later in the process. Natural enzyme based accelerants are added to promote the composting process and help to produce an even rate of material decomposition.

At this stage the material is left for nature to take its course over several weeks. The material starts to break down and turn into a high nutrient product with increased levels of plant proteins.

The compost is regularly checked to ensure an even and rich consistency is obtained. Once the composting cycle is completed the material is tested for its nutrient quality and content including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium and made ready for reuse.


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